A wealth of vital information is available to all our clients...

rural land available in GeorgiaAbout Bickley & Associates, Inc.

Bickley & Associates, Inc. is based in Marshallville, Ga. and in Perry, Ga. Since 1990, landowners and investors have used Bickley & Associates, Inc. to provide good investment advice to match their objectives. Bickley & Associates, Inc. is well recognized for its marketing expertise for commercial farms, hunting and recreational properties, orchards and groves, and timber tracts located in the state of Georgia. Services include timber cruises, timber sales and GPS mapping.


When we meet with our clients, we provide information vital for them to make decisions and avoid costly mistakes such as:

  • Comparable sales of who is buying and selling.
  • What is the trend in prices and what price should a seller accept and a buyer be willing to pay.
  • What are the costs of operating and maintaining property.
  • Farm and Land management.
  • What are development costs and the highest and best use for a property.
  • What local suppliers, businesses, and professionals should a buyer use.


The firm's expertise and credibility is well recognized in the real estate industry's circle of influence. This gives us the exposure to market your property to the largest number of qualified prospects. Our properties listed for sale receive the maximum marketing effort to produce the highest price for our clients. If you are interested in buying land or selling land you presently own, Bickley & Associates, Inc. would welcome you as a client and you will receive the best service obtainable in the real estate business.

John S. Bickley
President, Bickley & Associates, Inc.